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Individual Dental Insurance Plans -- 4 Tips to Make Your Shopping Easier

You can probably think of at least 10 things you'd rather be doing than shopping for individual dental insurance plans, but they're a necessity of life.  The next time you need your teeth cleaned or need a chipped tooth fixed on a Friday afternoon, you'll thank yourself for finding a good plan!

So how do you find the best dental individual coverage, without wasting a ton of time?

  1.  Look for a big-name company

    Bigger isn't always better, but a big-name insurance company can probably give you better coverage than the small guys can.  Plus, you'll likely have more dentists and facilities to choose from when you get individual dental insurance plans from the big guys.

    Just remember -- the big dental insurance companies aren't necessarily the same as the big health insurance companies.  For example, Delta Dental individual plans are some of the most popular in the world, but since they only handle dental insurance, you may not have heard of them. 

  2.  Make sure you're searching in your specific state

    A good website will make you choose a state before you can even search for specific individual dental insurance plans, but you're still wise to double-check.  After all, if you're looking for dental insurance in California, it really doesn't matter what companies are offering in Nevada -- you can't take advantage of any of it.  If you live in California, you can only buy dental insurance in California.

    Bottom line -- if your insurance searches aren't narrowed down by state, you're wasting your time!

  3.  See if a family plan offers a better deal

    As great as the deals can be on Delta Dental individual plans, if you've got a wife and kids, you might find better deals on a family plan.  If you're truly looking for the best coverage at the best rate, you'll have to shop around -- and that means researching all kinds of different options.

  4.  Be open to non-traditional ideas

    Even if it's just you shopping for dental coverage by yourself, it doesn't mean that you have to go with a traditional dental individual policy.  Instead, you might discover that thinking outside the box actually gives you a better deal.  For example, a discount dental plan and a dental indemnity plan both work a little differently than "traditional" insurance -- but, depending on your needs, they can actually be a much better option than those dental individual plans.

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