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Buying Personal Dental Insurance? Follow These 3 Tips

If you want to make the right decision when it comes to your new dental plan, you can't afford NOT to take advantage of these 3 tips:

  1. Group everyone together

    If you're shopping just for yourself, you can get individual dental insurance for the cost of a couple trips to your favorite fast food restaurant. Since individual prices are so low, some people think that it's best to sign up all of their family members for separate individual dental insurance policies.

    However, that's a big mistake!

    If you're looking for personal dental insurance for you, your wife, and the kids, you'll get the best deal by grouping everyone together on a family dental insurance plan.

    How so?

    With family dental insurance, everyone gets to work towards a deductible and an out of pocket maximum together. If you were to put everyone on their own separate policy, each one would likely come with different rules and exclusions -- making it all a complete nightmare to keep up with! So, if you want to keep things easy (both for you and your wallet), opt for personal dental insurance that the entire family can use together.

  2. "Bundle" your dental plan with vision insurance

    "Bundling" is the insurance term for buying two policies from the same company. When you do, you get to take care of loyalty discounts -- usually handed out in the form of lower monthly premiums. So, you'll actually save some money if you bundle your dental plan and your vision insurance together.

    After all, you need both types of coverage anyways. You might as well get them from the same place!

  3. Assess everything from top to bottom

    When you're shopping for a dental plan, you've got to be thorough. You won't be able to just pick the first plan you see and call it a day. Instead, you've got to look at every possible expense you may have -- from the monthly premium payments, to the copays, to the deductible, to the plan maximums.

    Until you figure out exactly how much you would have to spend in a worst-case scenario, you'll never be able to figure out if your potential personal dental insurance policy REALLY offers the best deal!

    Luckily, some dental plan websites will make things easier on you by allowing you to compare a handful of policies at once. That way, you can literally stack them side by side and see how they measure up!