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Buying Dental Insurance Online? Here's What to Look Out For

If you have to buy dental insurance, online is the best place to shop for it. After all, where else can you go to compare multiple policies at the touch of a button?

But if you want to get the very best dental insurance policy available, you can't just blindly pick one and call it a day. Instead, you need to do your homework - which, in part, means being on the lookout for these 4 things while you're shopping around:

1. Individual dental insurance that doesn't cover the basics

When you get a dental insurance policy, you have to read it very carefully. Some of the companies that sell dental insurance online use big, fancy headlines to show off their cheap rates - and use the teeny-tiny fine print to explain that those cheap monthly premiums don't cover basic things like cleanings and x-rays.

2. Individual dental insurance that doesn't allow any add-ons

When you buy dental insurance online, you should be looking for policies that allow you to add things on later if you want to - like coverage for additional family members or even extra coverage.

3. Individual dental insurance that's "just" dental insurance

This one may sound a little strange, but it makes perfect sense. When you buy dental insurance online, you can usually get a much better deal if you add vision plans into the mix. After all, insurance companies want to collect as many monthly premium payments from you as they can. If you combine vision plans with your dental insurance, you'll wind up paying the insurance company two premiums a month. In exchange, the insurance company will likely give you a discount on both policies.

In many cases, traditional health insurance policies do not cover vision or dental insurance, so you'll need both of them anyway. Why not save a little money by finding a company that can bundle them together for you?

4. Individual dental insurance that seems too good to be true

There are a lot of scammers online - whether you're buying dental insurance or anything else. If you see a policy that looks too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure to keep a sharp eye out. If something doesn't sound right, find another website to work with.