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Buying Dental Insurance in California? Follow These 4 Tips

When you shop for an individual dental insurance plan, you have to make sure you're shopping within your specific state.  Like any other state, buying dental insurance in California comes with its own set of quirks.  Here's how you can make the most out of them:

  1.  Make sure your dental plan comes with a long list of approved providers

    The average dental plan is going to come with a list of approved dentists and specialists.  As long as you go to a provider on the list, you'll have full access to your coverage.  If you go to a dentist that's not on the list, you'll have to pay more for your treatment.

    Since nearly 40 million people calling California home, getting a long list is essential!  After all, you don't want to have to wait weeks on end to get an appointment because thousands of other people are trying to get in, too.

  2.  Take advantage of the competition

    Because so many people live here, there are a ton of companies trying to capitalize by offering dental insurance in California.  As a result, you might find a ton of individual dental insurance policies that look promising.  Instead of thinking it's a burden to compare them, consider yourself lucky!  After all, all of that competition is good for you -- because it leads to better coverage at lower rates.

    What kind of perks can you take advantage of?

    Aside from lower premium payments, you might also get an individual dental plan that offers free preventative services, along with coverage for orthodontic treatments and oral surgery. 

  3.  Research the variety

    Because there is so much competition surrounding dental insurance in California, there are lots of different types of policies to choose from.  That way, if you don't think a traditional dental plan is right for you, you can opt for more non-traditional options -- like dental indemnity insurance or a discount dental plan.

    Just remember -- a traditional individual dental insurance plan is likely going to come with more comprehensive coverage, but it's also probably going to cost more.  Figuring out which policy is best for you will ultimately depend on your budget and your oral health habits.

  4. Capitalize on California's popularity

    Since most of the major insurance companies do business in California, you'll get a chance to do business with the biggest names in the insurance world -- instead of putting your trust in some "fly-by-night" company.

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