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5 Reasons You Need Personal Dental Insurance

You may not go to the dentist very often.  Heck, you may not even think about your dentist until you're sitting in the exam chair!  However, if you think you can afford to go without personal dental insurance, you're dead wrong.

Here are 5 reasons why you need some kind of dental plan:

  1. Your company isn't offering the coverage anymore

    Unfortunately, more and more employers are cutting dental coverage out of their benefits packages.  Even worse, you may not notice the coverage isn't there until you need to use it!

  2. You want to take advantage of free preventative care

    When you get good personal dental insurance, it comes with free preventative care.  That means you'll get to go in for routine exams, cleanings, and x-rays -- all without spending a dime!

    If you were to go in and pay for these services yourself, you'd wind up spending hundreds of dollars.  Just one appointment can wind up costing more than an entire year's worth of premiums on your individual dental plan!

  3.  You need to be covered in case of emergency

    Quality dental insurance for individuals comes with quality emergency coverage.  That way, if you lose a tooth during a pick-up basketball game, chip a tooth at that fancy new restaurant downtown, or lose a filling eating sticky candy at the movies, you'll be covered.  Your individual dental plan will make it easy for you to get the problem taken care of quickly -- so that you don't have to suffer any longer than necessary.

  4.  You want to know which dentists are the best

    Most personal dental insurance comes with a list of approved providers -- meaning that if you want to have full coverage, you'll have to go to a dentist on the list.  And, as you might expect, the big companies like Delta Dental Insurance won't put just anyone on their approved list.  They'll only refer you to the dentists they think are good.  As a result, you won't have to deal with sub-par treatment.

  5. Your kids need dental coverage, too

    As important as dental insurance for individuals is, you can't just think about yourself if you've got a house full of kids.  Whether your kids need routine dental care, cavities filled, or braces, you'll need some type of dental plan to get it for them.  Luckily, the big companies -- like Delta Dental Insurance -- offer a variety of both individual and family plans.

You can get the personal dental insurance you need -- at rates you can afford -- by logging onto www.dentalandvision4u.com.