Affordable Dental Insurance in California: Not an Oxymoron

While it is true that the cost of living in California is much higher than most places in the Country, dental insurance in California can still be found at affordable prices. This is in part because patients today have more dental coverage options than ever before. It's also because people are making the effort to compare prices and plan benefits online.

The dental insurance industry is changing. Today's dental practices now accept different payment options, including credit cards, cash and personal checks. In addition, patients can now select from a large selection of plans, including discount plans, dental and vision combination plans, PPO plans and HMO plans, all without going over their budgets or purchasing coverage they don't really need. How is this possible? Through comparison sites such as DentalAndVision4U! brings consumers more options when it comes to family and individual dental insurance plans. Through DentalAndVision4U, patients can have access to discount dental plans starting at just $6.95 per month. Discount plans offer patients major savings on routine dental procedures, including cleanings, checkups, fillings and braces. Unlike traditional dental insurance, most dental plans have no waiting periods for diagnostic and preventative procedures as well as no waiting periods on major services.

Low-cost dental coverage doesn't mean low-quality care. In fact, has partnered with respected insurance companies, such as Careington, Standard Life, Madison Dental, and Delta Dental insurance.

Why should patients have to purchase traditional insurance coverage only to end up paying higher out-of-pocket expenses? Today's patients have more options, and DentalAndVision4U is the proof. Simply enter your zip code to receive a list of the best dental and vision plans in California -- affordable monthly premiums, great benefits, and easy online enrollment.


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